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About Me, & Crawling Chaos

I've been away from art for too long, from comics for even longer. But after an extended hiatus learning to write, I was excited to come back to this world and embrace it like I would an old friend.

During my absence I developed affinities for heavy metal music and the literature of weird fiction writers such as Robert E. Howard, Algernon Blackwood and, of course, H. P. Lovecraft. It was these two worlds, already with their tentacles firmly entwined, that I brought together in a more direct and parodic fashion, to create my independent comic, Crawling Chaos.

Without trying to over-analyze my own art, I can safely say that I am a lot more interested in - and thus, influenced by - artists who have a style that is more unique than realistic. Reality is only a starting point, and on a page, you can and should go wherever you want with it from there.

Crawling Chaos

Crawling Chaos is the story of two characters, one my own creation, another the warped vision of Lovecraft, stylized and updated for a time almost one hundred years after his creation.

Lucy LeFanu comes from the culture of heavy metal, a world a lot of people have no problem stereotyping and which I have found to be totally undeserving of all the negativity it receives - whether that be open hostility or, more commonly, lazy dismissal. Metalheads are irreverent skeptics, drinkers and thinkers, generally positive and good-humored people who love music that most people think of as anything but; it's hard for many people to get past that wall of sound. Lucy is all of these things, representative but individual, and the heart of the story.

Nyarlyathotep, the Crawling Chaos, the messenger and soul of the Outer Gods, is the lone member of Lovecraft's pantheon of pseudo-dieties that is actively walking the earth, influencing and interacting with mankind and, seemingly, taking a sadistic joy in shattering the minds of ordinary humans by displaying terrible secrets of the cosmos. As such, he was the only such being created by Lovecraft that can actually be said to have what humans recognize as a personality. In order to work his sinister bargains with people, he had to be able to relate to them - and in twenty-first century America, that means never taking anything too seriously and commanding a mean wit.

The story is about these two worlds coming together like never before, and is also about the empty spaces betwixt the stars, big black shapes with eyes of fire, and generally having a gleefully dark good time.