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Crawling Chaos Digital Collection


Death metal vocalist Lucy LeFanu only intended to pull some evil lyrics from the ancient tome she bought at the occult bookstore. She never expected that drunkenly reading them aloud would result in a new and hideous partnership with the mighty and malevolent Nyarlathotep, demigod of darkness and madness! Together, they have weird encounters with social media-savvy fishmen, hipster vampires, imprisoned gods of the Nile, and more, all in pursuit of Nyarly's plans for installing chaos and claiming revenge on his ancient anemies! But, the most dangerous creature of all for Lucy is still the Crawling Chaos himself, whose previous companions have all wound up dead or insane.

The entirety of my Lovecraftian-heavy metal tale is now available exclusively in digital form! The Crawling Chaos Digital Collection compiles issues 1 - 5 as well as the Crawling Chaos Free Comic Book Day 2014 issue all in .cbr form, which can be used with CDisplay or other comic readers, or simply unzipped like any other compressed file and viewed page by page.

Get CDisplay for free here: http://www.cdisplay.me/

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